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News & New Baby Duck Soap Co Additions

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News & New Baby Duck Soap Co Additions


Let’s start with the news! Baby Duck Soap Co is moving to Oregon! Bandon, Oregon to be more specific. Never fear, you will still be able to find BDSC products online but I will need to close up shop for the entire month of December to deal with our cross country move. For now, it’s business as usual. I’m adding my holiday scents and some new products.

The first of which is a lovely Bath Milk Soak in three different scents. Lavender, Water Lily & Jasmine and White Tea Ginger.



A new soap, Water Lily & Jasmine is sure to become a year round favorite.


All manner of premade gift bags are available (stay tuned for holiday themed gift bags too). I’ve also added some mesh soap savers to eliminate soap slivers once and for all!!


Now for the first two holiday soaps…the first I lovingly call Oh Snap, Ginga! An adorable Ginger Snap Cookie scented bar. The GingaSoapMen have been made out of soap and hand carved by me giving them very distinct little personalities.



This batch is the essence of Christmas! Bayberry…a nice blend of fir and balsam and delicate spicy undertones of nutmeg and ginger.



I’ll be adding a lighter Goats Milk Lotion soon as well as the following holiday soaps: Winter Woods (returning from last year), Berrywine and Snow.

You can find all of these products and more at Baby Duck Soap Co.


How’s It’s Made – Spiced Apple Cider Soap

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How’s It’s Made – Spiced Apple Cider Soap

Let me start off by saying that Fall is my MOST favorite time of year. The Spiced Pumpkin Lattes are back, the leaves start to change, temperatures drop…life is good. I didn’t think I could love it anymore until I smelled Bramble Berry’s Spiced Apple Cider fragrance oil. Holy YIKES! It. Is. A-M–A-Z-I-N-G!! It is fall in a bottle.
Upon first sniff, I had a very specific look in mind for this soap. It included small apples, cinnamon sticks, swirly swirls and in-the-pot swirl action. I found the cutest little apple mold on Etsy at Soap Republic for my apples.
For the Cinnamon Sticks, I knew I wanted to somehow make them out of soap. So I put on my thinking cap and here’s what I did.
I melted down 4.5oz of low sweat clear melt and pour soap. I added 0.75oz of glycerin and a small amount of Milk Chocolate Mica. Stirred it all up, added a touch of cinnamon essential oil and poured it into a shiny, silicone brownie pan.

The soap only needs about 5 minutes to set up enough to roll. You don’t want to let it sit out for too long though! You’re going to want to roll it right away so the soap doesn’t crack on you. The total piece of soap was a little wide so I cut it down the middle to make 2 long cinnamon sticks. Starting with one of the pieces, I started to tightly roll the left hand side of the soap.

Once I rolled one side to the center of the rectangular piece of soap, I started to tightly roll the other side to the center of the soap.

The finished cinnamon sticks:

While I was playing with cinnamon sticks I melted down some white low sweat melt and pour soap, added some Starlight Cabernet Mica and made the tiny apples.
Now that the cinnamon sticks and apples are made the apple leaves need to be ‘painted’ with Golden Green Mica.

Next I whipped up my favorite Palm-free soap recipe and prepared my colorants for my in-the-pot-swirl. I mixed my Milk Chocolate Mica and Starlight Cabernet Mica with a little bit of water. For my white, titanium dioxide in a bit of the soap oils.

I used the Milk Chocolate Mica as my main color and the Starlight Cabernet & White as my swirl colors. I don’t have a pic of the ITPS because the soap accelerated on me. I used a steep water discount on this batch, normally this FO is a dream to soap with.
For the swirly swirls on the surface. The main top color was mostly Milk Chocolate so I poured the Red and White horizontally across the top of the soap the swirled randomly with a skewer.

Check out the little marker hash marks on the left hand side of the mold. I marked mold in the areas where my soap cutter will be cutting the individual bars so I know where to place the cinnamon sticks and apples.

After 24 hours I carefully cut the soap loaf and here is the end result:

You can find this soap and many others at Baby Duck Soap Co.