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How It’s Made – Winter Woods

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How It’s Made – Winter Woods

This year I knew that I wanted to redesign my Winter Woods Soap. A super popular soap from last year I wanted to improve the look to go along with the wonderful fragrance. I used Brambleberry’s Woodland Elves to scent this creation.
I signed up for an online soap challenge created by Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks. This month’s challenge was Squeeze Bottle Designs. So I figured that I should be rather obvious and create a soap that looked like Winter Woods.
Problem…I’m not artistic. The only thing I can draw is a stick figure swinging from a rope in Hangman and even then, it looks funky. Luckily, you can print designs and trace them on freezer paper for guidance. Unfortunately, I never found a picture that portrayed what I wanted to convey. So I winged it….
I started by cutting a piece of freezer paper to fit the base of my slab mold. Then I outlined the bottom of my soap design by using my soap dividers as a guide. I’m drawing on the matte side of the freezer paper, shiny side down.


I drew in a wavy snow base for each row of soap.

Then I tried to draw in my own trees…as you can clearly see, I gave up half way through the first row. Why did I stop? Because it looked awful and I was itching to just dive right in! 😉

Patience be damned! I chucked the freezer paper shiny side up into the bottom of my mold and prepared my soap.

Normally I soap at a super low temp but this time I soap at 110 degrees. I wanted my soap to stay put on the paper. I separated my small batch into 2 squeeze bottles. One was colored with Titanium Dioxide and the other was colored with a combo of Antique Gold Mica and Sparkle Copper Mica from the Conservatorie. I left this portion unscented.
The first step was to draw in the ‘snow’ base. I used the snow drifts as a guide and filled it in with my white soap squeeze bottle.

I wanted my trees to look like they were coming out of the snow so I free handed them from the base of the snow up. I added some random branches along the way. Luckily I wasn’t trying to draw anything too challenging or else this could’ve been a disaster. :p

Next I sprinkled a bit of glitter between the trees to mimic the look of falling snow. I put the lid on the mold to help the snow set up while I got the rest of my soap ready. I mixed the main batch at a very low temp (65 degrees) and added a tiny amount of Sky Blue Mica to the batter. My recipe is a bit on the yellow side so it turned a very light shade of green. I whisked in the fragrance and got ready to spoon the soap over the design.

Looks like the design stayed in tact while I spooned the soap over it…

To finish, I poured the rest of the light green soap over the design. The top of my soap will become the bottom so it’s a good thing it was poured at such a thin trace. I’ll have a nice even surface.

The very next day I had the pleasure of unmolding the soap. Here’s what it looked like when I peeled off the freezer paper:

And a pic of the individual bars:

You’ll be able to find this bar listed for pre-order in a few days and a bunch of other lovely soapy creations at Baby Duck Soap Co.