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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Business Bubbles – DIY Pipe & Drape for Indoor Shows

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I’ve started doing an indoor craft show/ Marketplace every second weekend of every month. They don’t allow outdoor tents for fire hazard reasons. Needless to say, I felt very exposed at my first weekend show there last month.

You see I’ve been very spoiled over the last two summers using my tent as my own personal soap shack…see how cute?


I knew I needed a new, indoor version of my cozy soap shack. I priced some pipe and drape kits and spit my coffee out at the pricing. $350+, nothankyouverymuch! I’d rather buy more fragrances. 😉 Then I researched building my own pipe and drape thingy out of PVC but at the end of the day… I’m just too darn lazy!

Last night I had a mini epiphany…why not use garment racks?? I mean, they’re constructed to hold clothing so they’ll be durable enough to hold my curtains and sign.
But what about sizing? My booth is 10’x10′ so I really just needed a 10′ wide back drop.
How would I fasten my fabric to the rack? I planned on using fabric shower curtains so I just picked up some extra ‘S’ hooks for the curtains to attach them to the racks.

Browsing the closet/ laundry section at the big, bag WalMart today I stumbled across garment racks that measured 6′ high by 5′ wide. PERFECT! So I picked up 2 to cover the width of my booth. Only $15 for each one. SCORE!


I already had my trusty polka dotted fabric shower curtains (2 for $16 each) so I decided to pick up some white fabric shower curtains (2 for $9 each) to drape on the outside and tie back with ribbon to make my soap shack seem cozy. Add to that, 2 packages of ‘S’ shower hooks ($3 each) and I was all set!

With my Marketplace gal pal Debbie ❤ we constructed both garment racks in under 5 mins without the need of any tools. I hung my curtains and my sign….easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


Not too shabby…not perfect but it’s a cozy little soap shack and all for a grand total of $86. Much better than the $350+ pipe and drape kits I was looking at!


Out With The Old….

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Earlier today I was flipping through some old pics of the first batches of soap I’ve ever made.  Truth be told….the first batch I made was in July of last year.  I’m still pretty new at this whole soap making adventure but feel as though I’ve come a looooong way from that very first batch.

I thought it would be fun to show how Baby Duck Soap Co has grown over the past year.  From logos to soap…here’s the first year in review through pictures!