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Market Booth Design – Shabby Chic Fabric Garland

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My first Farmers Market of the season is quickly approaching (Wednesday). I’m ahead of the curve since I’ve wrapped all of my soap for the market and unearthed my booth fixings from the storage unit.
As I was unpacking my linen, I realized that my Christmas garland was still attached to the tablecloths. I loved the extra pop of whimsy the garland added to my cozy booth.

Since it’s no longer Christmas… I decided to make my own year round garland using fabric scraps that I had laying around from some previous unfinished projects.
Starting with the leftover fabric, I folded each piece in half and stacked them on top of each other. I cut down into the fabric about 2 inches. Then continued to cut about 1.5 inch chunks along the folded seam of the fabric. These measurements don’t have to be exact.


Now for the shabby portion of this garland… Using the precut chunks as my guide, I ripped each piece of fabric into strips.

Here’s what the pile of strips look like when finished:

I cut about 9ft of jute string earlier to tie my fabric pieces onto. I knotted off each end to keep the strips in place.
To tie the strips onto the jute, place a folded strip of fabric under the jute. Folded seam at the top.

Gather the bottom tail of the strip over the top of the jute. Thread the tail through the folded seam.

With one hand holding the jute, pull the tail down to tie off the strip of fabric.


Continue tying the strips to the jute until you’ve reached the end. Some finished pics:


This is a pretty forgiving project. You can space your fabric strips close together or keep them farther apart. Whichever you prefer.
You can use any manner of fabric, ribbon or burlap to achieve the same general look.
I’ll be posting pics of the Market booth with this garland on my Facebook Page on Wednesday!


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  1. That is awesome! I may just have to appropriate this idea.

  2. O man , you do not have to wait til wednesday to get a thumbs up from me !! Darling !! Super delightful !! Just came back from tennessee soap and candle social and everything was wonderful ! But I kept looking for you ! Aaah well . Thank God for blogs and phone cameras … you continue to inspire and make me smile .

    • I WISH I could’ve gone to the TN Soap and Candle Social. Gets kind of expensive coming from the Oregon Coast. If I was still living in TN, I would’ve seen your sweet face there!! Are you coming to the HSCG Conference in Tucson in two weeks?


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