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How It’s Made ~ Water Lily Jasmine

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I have many addictions… Coffee, MICA!, Color of any kind and Swirling Soap. I don’t even care how it’s swirled, it always looks amazing to me. Watching water, lye and oils transform into colored soap…pouring it all into some sort of vessel then swirling away with a skewer… Well, it’s very soothing.

I set out to make a batch of Water Lily Jasmine today. I started off like I normally do but had no idea how I was going to swirl it. The moment the skewer went into the soap, inspiration hit. Spirals!

In November, I played around with a few mica oil spirals on top of my ICE soap.

I loved the results so I just added the same spiral swirl to this five color soap. Here’s a pictorial tutorial on how I tackled it.

Color Prep

Soap was brought to a light trace and the fragrance was whisked in. The soap was then divided into the five separate containers. I will say, Nature’s Garden’s Water Lily and Jasmine FO is wonderful to work with. No acceleration at all!!

I started adding the colors in one by one in an “S” pattern. Layering the colors on top of each other until I had about 3/4″ of soap left in the bottom of each container.


I know…trippy right?

Alternating each of the five colors, I added lines of soap running long ways across my mold.
This is a wonderful base for ANY swirl. From here, you could do anything. Free form your own swirl, execute a linear swirl, add all manner of figure 8’s or curly q’s…whatever you want!

From there, I added my spiral swirls. Skewer in hand, I started in the top left hand corner and made 4 spirals in each column until I reached the end of the mold. Easy Peasy, Lemon Sqeezey!


No cut pics yet, unfortunately. I’ll be sure to share them in a later post!
My final thoughts on this swirl:
It’s lovely, but I think that it would be better suited to only two or three colors at most. It tends to get a little busy (or as my amazing husband put it: abstract). I would love to try it again with only two colors next time!


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  1. Wow! Both soaps look gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Beautiful!!! You are my inspiration!! ❤


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