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Where’s My Pumpkin Latte?

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Seriously…where is my Spiced Pumpkin Latte? I mean, it’s been October in my house for the last couple of weeks so I need my appropriately matched coffee fix! With that said…lets check out all of the incredible Fall Soaps that have been relaxing on my curing rack…

Cinnamon Roll Soap…no, you can’t eat eat them but they definitely smell good enough to eat!

Frosted Pumpkin returns this year to please all of us that loved you so much last Fall.

Spiced Apple Cider. A new and instant Fall favorite. This one will be hard to keep in stock it’s THAT good!

Cracklin’ Birch. This is what a crisp Autumn Day smells like! This one is replacing last year’s Fresh Fallen Leaves.

Pumpkin Pie Soap made with Pumpkin Purée, an Oatmeal ‘Crust’ and a hand painted soap pumpkin. Words cannot describe how flipping amazing this soap is!

Did I go a little crazy with the pumpkin soaps? Meh…I haven’t even begun!!! I’ll be adding Pumpkin Lager Soap in the next couple of weeks….So there’s that. 😉 Keep your eyes peeled for Pecan Pie Soap and a (newly requested) Berry Wine Soap made with Pinot Noir!!


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  1. Great soaps! I just ordered two different types of pumpkin FO from BB. Gonna give them a try.


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