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How It’s Made – Just Ducky

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How have gone all this time without making a duck themed soap? I’ve been planning it in my head for quite some time but couldn’t quite work out the proper color combo or find the perfect fragrance. With the help of Joanna’s Crab Challenge in the Facebook Soap Making Group, Soapers Retreat…I found my color inspiration. Which absolutely worked because the colors were identical to my logo colors. Crab Challenge, you ask? We were tasked to create a soap using the lovely colors in this crab pic:


Then I had a pretty genius idea to combine Bramble Berry‘s Celestial Waters, Yuzu & Red Apple fragrances for my scent. From there…I just kinda rolled with it. Using a Ducky ice cube tray, I made a bunch of little duckies with Bramble Berry’s melt and pour base and some Aqua Pearl Mica to color the ducks.

The ducks were a little boring…they needed some personality so I decided to ‘paint’ them with mica. I started with their eyes using some black mica and an eyeliner foam brush I had never used.



See? Big difference already! All of the eyes of been added to 15 ducks (my 5lb slab mold makes 15 bars at a time). Next up…painting the duck bill. For this I used Sunset Peach Mica and applied it with a flat #2 brush I had laying around from a previous life when I thought I could paint. πŸ˜‰



How flipping cute is this Duck?!?! Lastly, I wanted to paint the wing. I used too light of a green on this batch of ducks. I do suggest using the Conservatorie’s Golden Green Mica…or any yellow-y/ green mica (I used Peak Green in the pics). Using the same, but cleaned flat brush…I painted the wings.



The finished product:


A tray of painted Ducks!


Now it’s time to prep the colors and make some soap! This pic below details my color prep.

Top Row: Sky Blue Mica mixed w/ water – Aqua Pearl Mica mixed w/ water.
Middle Row: Titanium Dioxide
Bottom Row: For the Mica Oil Swirls- Sky Blue Mica – Aqua Pearl Mica – Sunset Peach Mica all mixed with olive oil. Approximately 1TBSP Oil to 1/2 TBSP of mica. You want the consistency of fresh nail polish.

Now to make the soap. I’m going to do an in the pot swirl using the Titanium Dioxide as the main color with the Sky Blue Mica and Aqua Pearl Mica as the swirls.


Looking at the pic below, I poured the Sky Blue Soap in at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock and the Aqua Pearl Soap at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Using the spatula, I started at 12 o’clock and drew a clockwise circle around the pot and came down to the center.


I started my pour in the center of the mold. I finished up by zigzagging the soap throughout the mold to help the swirl.



Now it’s time to pour the mica oil colors. I poured in an overlapping ‘S’ pattern.


Next is the swirl. Here’s the outline I used with the tip of my skewer:


What it looks like on the soap:


I inserted my dividers and placed my Ducks onto the face of the bar, pressing them in gently.


What I absolutely LOVE about the mica oil swirl is how amazing the swirls look after the oil has absorbed into the soap:


24 Hours later they’re ready to unmold and cure.


As for the name…I cannot take credit for it! My Bubble Buddy Tricia, owner of Scentability named this creation. So thank you Tricia!! ❀


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  1. These are so creative and just perfect for your brand! I admire all the thought, planning, prep, and just TIME that went into creating these beauties. I think you’ll have trouble keeping these in stock….everyone will want one!

  2. It’s so cute and beautiful! Love it!

  3. I can’t wait to get these in my store!!!! They will fly off the shelf!! You are a genius and an artist!! (And I am honored to have been able to name the cute little suckers!! ❀ )

  4. I absolutely LOVE my ducky soap!! It is so creative and I want to know more about your former painting days??

    • Thank you Dollface!! Ha! My former painting days…I was trying to find a hobby I could stick with so I went through knitting, painting, quilting and finally soap making stuck. It’s like clean crack…see? I’m Punny!! πŸ˜‰

  5. So cute! I think the ducky really made these stand out. =)

  6. Fantastic job!!! Does the painted mica rub off when handled? Did you need to wet the brush in order for it to stick to the soap? Or did you just dip the brush into the mica as is, and just paint onto the soap? Is there any way to seal on the painted mica to stop it from rubbing off? All feedback welcomed to a curious mind.

    • Thanks Christine!! I painted the mica on dry. Once I placed the embeds into the soap, I spritzed all of it including the mica painted ducks with rubbing alcohol. I feel like spritzing the soap ‘set’ the mica in place. You’d have to pretty purposefully rub the mica off of the duck to remove it. πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for replying. It is much appreciated. I will give it a try !


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