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How It’s Made – Cracklin’ Birch

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My very first Fall batch of the season was made with Nature’s Garden’s Cracklin’ Birch fragrance. I’ve heard lots of other soapers absolutely rave about this fragrance so I knew I had to add it. From first sniff, I was transported to a forest of birch trees on a crisp Autumn morning. The leaves have already begun to change and they were crunching under my feet as I walked. Crazy right? Some fragrances have a very visual effect on me. I scoured my friend Google for an image that encompassed what I saw when I smelled the fragrance. I was looking for some color inspiration and here’s what I found:


Perfect. Now to make my own birch tree forest in soap. I knew I wanted to somehow place ‘birch trees’ throughout my loaf…. I gathered different sized empty fragrance bottles, filled them with water (because water is denser than oil, it keeps them from floating away as I pour my soap), wrapped them in freezer paper and randomly placed them throughout my mold.


I knew I wanted 3 solid colors to represent my fall foliage so I chose a lovely green, chocolate brown and mixed a yellow mica with a teensy bit of brown.
For my 5lb mold, I made 2.5 pounds of my slow moving recipe. This fragrance does accelerate so I soaped it at a low temp to give myself some time to work with it. Using the 3 colors described earlier, I made a quick in-the-pot swirl with them and poured the soap into the mold around the bottles.



I let the soap set up overnight and removed the bottles in the morning.



Now it was time to make the birch trees. To achieve the birch type look I chose a 3 color palette of white, black and grey. A funnel pour in each “tree hole” seemed like the best option to achieve the proper look. I used about 1 to 1.5 pounds of soap for this step. I ended up making entirely too much soap for each step so yeah….lots of Cracklin’ Birch soap samples this fall. 😉


I used a funnel for a more precise pour since I was working with such small spaces.


Yeah…so I’m not the neatest soaper. I did my best to stay in the lines but what are you gonna do? Right?


I waited an additional 24 hours to allow the trees to set nicely. Check out what the bottom looked like after I unmolded:


Time to cut it and check out my handy work….



I’m happy with how it turned out. I’ve already thought of ways to make it even better…this batch will permanently replace my ‘Fresh Fallen Leaves’ from last year. This fragrance captures a crisp Autumn day MUCH better. My new addition to the next batch will be small soap leaves scattered on top of the loaf.


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  1. I love that fragrance and am so impressed by how you interpreted the scent! Very engaging soap!

  2. Love the way you’ve done this – really interesting technique. Thanks for sharing!

  3. laurie coultrip

    This blew me away Tanya…you really think out of the box and it works.

  4. tanya, where do you buy your slab molds? I have combed my notes from kansas city and on here, and now I’m just hoping you will tell me this trade secret …?


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