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Today was a fantastic day at my local Farmers Market. Before I made the leap to start selling at my market, I was clueless and a bit terrified. Clueless, because I didn’t really know what I needed to make it work or how to set up my product in a flattering way. Terrified because I was literally putting myself out there for people to judge my product, pricing, packaging and booth set up.

I’ve been doing my market now for a while and I just wanted to take the time to share some tips/ tricks that I’ve learned when it comes to set up and such.


Be true to who you are and your brand. Your brand, your products…they’re really just an extension of who you are. Make it show in your booth set up but keep it simple and accessible for people.

The minimum market/ craft fair equipment needed would be:
*A 10’x10′ pop up canopy. I use a cheap-o EZ Up I found at a local sports store.
*1-3 tables ranging from 4′ to 6′ each. I use a 6′ and a 4′ table that I purchased from WalMart.
*Linens to cover your tables. I purchased fitted tablecloths from Amazon for less than $20 each and added my polka dotted tablecloths for some additional texture and color.
*Display pieces for your products. Be creative with this! It can be baskets, cake stands, specialty soap racks (I got mine off of Etsy at Tough Timbers and painted them), plant stands, decorative bowls, I use a refrigerator shelf for my dry shampoos…anything can be used as long as it fits your brand and product. I like to use varying heights to display my products so keep your eyes peeled for tabletop shelving or something similar.
*I recommend getting a Square Card reader or something similar so you can accept credit cards. Half of my market sales are via cc. Think of the sales you may miss out on if you don’t have one. It just makes sense. For cash, pick up a cash box at your local WalMart. They’re cheap and easy to deal with.
*SIGNAGE!!! People want to know what things cost. I print up my signage and put them in frames. To label my soap, I cut the name of my soap off of my soap label and stick it to my soap display.
*Offer bundle deals. I charge $6 per bar of soap or 4 for $20. I mainly sell the bundles because of the value associated with bundle pricing. So you can bet I offer bundle deals for my lip butters, scrubs and body butters too!
*Bring your business cards and hang a sign that has your branding on it. Your company name, logo, website, pics of your product and where you make your product. I get both my banner and cards through Vistaprint.
*Don’t forget a chair, bottled water, snacks and most importantly….COFFEE!!!! šŸ˜‰

The pics below detail my booth set up. You can always set up your booth in your backyard or garage to get a feel for what you want it to look like. Now get your bootie out there and sell some soap! xxoo





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