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The Making of ‘Merica

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Every once in a while I’ll intentionally plan a batch of soap in my head. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned…this time however, I got lucky.

I used my normal slow moving recipe for this batch. Typically I’ll soap around 75-80 degrees. This time I got impatient and soaped at 98 degrees with a steep water discount. Not the best idea when I’ve decided to use a fragrance I’ve never used before. If you can believe it…I don’t take the time to test my fragrances. 😛 There’s that impatience I mentioned earlier…

I made some star embeds using some white Melt and Pour soap and scented them with Black Raspberry Vanilla to mix with my main fragrance, Red Apple.

Once I added the Red Apple fragrance to my batch, it instantly turned it yellow. I moved on anyway hoping that the color morph wouldn’t stick.


It’s hard to see in this photo but there is a yellow tinge to each color.

I then started to layer my red and white colors. My batch did set up fairly quickly as you can see on the next pic.


I layered the red and white about halfway up the mold then added my blue. Once I put down a layer of my blue, I added my embed stars.


I topped the stars with the rest of my blue. Using squirt bottles, I added the red and white soap stripes. This was rather difficult given the thickness of the soap so it gives the finished batch more of a rustic look. Leaving half of the top blue, I used some additional soap embed stars to decorate the blue portion.


This afternoon I popped the soap out of the mold and this was the end result. Thank goodness the yellowing I experienced didn’t stick!




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